Why not try some chicken spaghetti?

With several days of leave remaining this year, I’m taking the opportunity to spend more time at the Smallholdings witg some long weekends, so I had Thursday and Friday off last week and spent some time with the brood at home, enjoying morning coffees in the run, feeding them corn in the afternoons and simply watching them scratch about and have minor squabbles over an insect or piece of lettuce thrown in.

One of the flock’s favourite treats is pasta and the most enjoyable way of delivering this snack is using cold, leftover spaghetti and, taking a strand at a time, dangling it in front of them – watching them peck at it, flying a little off the ground occasionally, provides both them and me with plenty of entertainment. It’s also a chance to take a good look at each bird and make sure they’re in the pink of health. Evidently, I’m not the only one to take so much pleasure in this henkeeper’s perk – it’s widely popular, YouTube is full of such clips posted by enthusiasts.

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