This is snow weather for hens


Anyone else’s flock snowed in at the weekend? Felt really sorry for the girls when we went down to excavate a patch of ground for them to scratch about on. There’s no denying the excitement that the deep, white covering brought the rest of our animal household – and us – on Sunday morning. The two chocolate Labs were scurrying about, chasing each other and regularly crash landing as if they were pups (actually nine years old now), Darcy the German Shepherd was equally scatty and Beau the Bengal, highly strung as ever, couldn’t make head nor tail of this cold layer on the lawn which he couldn’t help but sink into. But for the chickens, it was all rather miserable. They looked utterly bewildered, as if their whole world had disappeared.


And I suppose as far as they knew, it had: completely covered – and is still – with a thick icing of snow. I did my best with a shovel and then a rake but to clear the whole area would have be a fully blown project and I didn’t have the spare couple of hours.


On a less wintry note and, looking forward to spring, I am very pleased to announce that Country Living Chick’s eggs made it onto the breakfast table on the cover of CL’s March issue – our Home Design Editor Ben borrowed a dozen for the special shoot in Sussex. Now I’ll be able to print labels for my boxes of eggs stating ‘As featured in Country Living!’. Fame for those faithful old layers at last!


CL March issue on sale now! Click here to subscribe to Country Living Magazine.


6 thoughts on “This is snow weather for hens

  1. Brrr, yes, a bit chilly all round! Amazingly, our bucket drinker hasn’t frozen!
    One of our chooks had their share of fame this week in Olive Magazine; we were featured in an article ‘No such thing as a free lunch?’
    The photo shoot was last December and I was shivering in a blouse trying to look ‘Spring-like’ now look at the weather!!!

    Hot porridge for the girls at the weekend????

    1. Sorry, Sara, have been very remiss in keeping up with comments! Wow, that bucket drinker is a good bit of kit then! I’ll put your Country in the City suggestion forward.
      How exciting about your chicken’s celebrity status. We’re doing well between us, aren’t we?
      I am finally going to do a bit of blog maintenance, so see Hen Corner on my blogroll soon!
      Happy henkeeping

      1. Thanks Ruth,
        I’ve already had a couple of link throughs to Hen Corner from your blog!
        I can’t believe that after all that freezing weather it’s so warm now… we’re already planning which breeds to hatch this Spring.

        I hope the longer days and warmer weekends will start to give you more time with your girls 🙂


  2. My chicks and big light sussex rooster just looked at me from their house as if to say ‘you are kidding’! I had to put a scaffolding plank down on the snow before they would even venture out of the door and only then to tiptoe around and eat and drink before heading back for the warmth of their house! Happier yesterday when the melt started and they could see green grass again!

    1. Hi Nicola.

      The scaffolding plank is inspired! I’ve never thought of that. Top tip, thanks. Yes, now the snow’s more of less disappeared at home, the hens are back to their contented selves!
      Happy henkeeping!

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