Eggstra-special delivery

At long last, the goods I’ve been waiting for since last September have arrived: two pastel-coloured eggs from my little Araucana hens, Audrey (pictured) and Mabel. I made a real fuss of them on discovering these thrilling gifts and Audrey especially enjoyed a good stroke of her white feathers (still as unfeasibly soft and silky as the day she first acquired them), waddling about the run, her little pom-pom head bobbing about.

Audrey ready for a fuss

While I’m delighted with any offering from our beloved chickens, it’s these that have the eggs factor! I like to think that one day I’ll take the shells to a DIY store to be reproduced in a paint colour. Till then I’ll enjoy arranging them in a bowl on the kitchen table and, at the weekend, make the best breakfasts James and I have ever eaten; poached and sandwiched in a toasted English muffin, there’s nothing better. I also take great pleasure in lining up all the eggs from our flock on the worksurface to display the subtle differences in their shades.

The eggshibition

There is a huge sense of satisfaction to be had from popping a blue or pale khaki Araucana edition – or a snowy-hued one from our hardworking and high-yielding White Star hybrids – in a box for my customers, who I know covet them just as much as I do.


Anyone else take such simple pleasures from a certain type of egg?

3 thoughts on “Eggstra-special delivery

  1. well done ladies!a very pretty line up too!

    A year on from becoming a henkeeper the morning ritual of looking for eggs and the joy of finding them hasn’t lessened since my ex batts came to live in the garden. Feel the same about GYO and my bees too – it gives me much satisfaction.

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