Henhouse hunting

The search continues! As I was last week, I am looking for a new, mobile henhouse, which I can move around the lawn so the grass isn’t decimated. Thanks to those of you who came up with some great suggestions – in particular, I am keen on the Green Frog Designs that are made entirely out of waste industrial plastic – decidedly eco-friendly and with fun contemporary styles to choose from (below). However, I did find that the accompanying runs were a little too small for my liking. Audrey and Mabel would kick up the most almighty fuss (and racket) if I confined them to just a few square feet of grass.

Edgy, cool and ultra-green, too

I’ve also found myself lusting after the bespoke coop crafted for henkeeping expert 0- and Buff Orpington enthusiast – Francine Raymond by her son Jacques who runs joinery business Moosejaw Woodworks.  I fear, however, that my budget won’t run to one of these beauties – surely, the kind of Grand Design even Kevin McCloud would be impressed by.

That's one chic coop

Francine relocated to Whitstable on the Kent coast from Troston in Suffolk and has now set up a new henkeeping enterprise Kitchen Garden by the Sea.  She gave two inspiring talks at the Country Living Spring Fair this week which no doubt inspired several of her listeners to snap up some hens and a coop at the weekend. She is also running courses at Assington Mill in Suffolk and offers tailor-made ones at her home for two or three friends (see her website for details).

Meanwhile, I will continue checking eBay for suitable bargains and mulling over the two companies mentioned here. To be honest, the search – as with human property – is almost as much fun as the purchase! Any more suggestions in the meantime, are more than welcome!

Audrey and Mabel are looking forward to new digs

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