Nice weather for ducks, but not for hens

The girls have been stoically going about their business recently but sometimes I wonder how they manage to keep their little beaks up when it’s pouring outside. They waddle about in the rain, feathers sticking together, pecking at the ground for any little morsels – Mabel and Audrey have had the run of the garden this week and decided to attack my chilli plants that my CL colleague Jackie so kindly gave me (must net them over the weekend). Persistent rain means the ground becomes so muddy that when they head into the nesting box they cover all the eggs laid by their fellow hens with their grubby feet so we end up practically chipping off the soil before we can box them up for friends, family and colleagues.

I’m hoping next Saturday’s weather will be an improvement – it’s the Tendring Show, a wonderful country day out held at a park near Manningtree in Essex and a real highlight of the summer. As well as viewing the stunning Longhorn cattle and learning a lesson or two from the expert husbandry of the young handlers, complete with white coats and flat caps, last year I spent a very contented hour or so in the poultry tent, admiring rosette-worthy beauties, and being tempted by all kinds of different breeds from Orpingtons to Polands, boxes of incubator-ready fertile eggs and even the odd duck…


Anyone out there dabbling in duck-keeping?

One thought on “Nice weather for ducks, but not for hens

  1. I’d love ducks…. but am concerned that they will be a bit too muddy!
    The show sounds fab…. don’t forget to take a pet carrier in case you want to bring one or two home with you…!

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