The eggs factor

Thought I’d take the opportunity this week to spill the beans on a cracking new series in Country Living, starting in the October issue. You may have noticed a mini henkeeping column in the magazine over the past few months as part of our Simple Pleasures series – well, the good news is that we’ve a brand-new section called A Month in the Country and The Eggs Factor is bigger and better. Written by Surrey-based poultry farmer and expert Suzie Baldwin – author of the wonderful Chickens (Kyle Cathie, £14.99) – it’s full of lovely stories about her hens, which come in all different shapes and sizes, including Buff Orpingtons, Frizzles, Polish and Silkies, as well as hybrids.

Suzie enjoying a moment with one of her trusty hybrids. Photograph by Cristian Barnett

In each issue, she also provides reminders about jobs to do plus she takes a different topic and offers her inspiring tips and practical advice. It’s amazing what poultry-friendly properties pumpkin seeds have… You can find out what they are in the October issue of Country Living on sale 10 September (or subscribe here).

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