An apple a day…

James and I had fun making this snacking station at the weekend. We have decided life should be more interesting for our flock, with different foodie treats, toys and climbing frames made of branches and twigs. As a result, we too are enjoying a little respite from the significantly bigger DIY projects on our home.

With some slightly whizzened apples we’d neglected in the fruit basket and a cut-a down garden cane and corks, we’d whipped up the edible entertainment in minutes.

James drilled a hole through a cork which we threaded down the cane to keep the apple in place – and we drilled a hole half way through another cork to top the cane
It was easy inserting the cane through the slightly soft apple’s core

They gave so much pleasure to our lovely girls – and us in return as we sat watching them over a cup of tea by the coop. If anyone has some similarly speedy poultry projects to share, please let me know – we’d love to try them.

One thought on “An apple a day…

  1. This sounds like an excellent idea – how sweet of you. I wonder if I could adapt this for my girls’ pet rabbits? Might be able to fix it nearer the top of their run so they’ll have to climb and reach for it.

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