Poultry pin-ups


I had little more than some extra foodie treats lined up for my girls this Christmas – perhaps some more apple-bobbing, masses of peelings from the big lunch itself and a few handfuls of corn every afternoon. But then I came across this rather fun idea from free-range brand The Happy Egg Co – a pin-up cockerel calendar for hens. Now before you scoff at the idea, it is designed to calm your birds, based on research that has shown chickens are calmer when male birds are around. Still, I’m yet to be convinced that it works – I’ll have to try it out. They company is giving them away calendars via Twitter and Facebook and is putting the calendars up on all its farms from January. Let me know how you and your girls get on if you try one out…

Now the weather's a little cooler, we give the girls extra snacks such as leftover boiled potato, pasta and bread porridge. As soon as we start walking down the garden, they're at the gate like a shot
What will the girls make of the male models?


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