The country comes to the City

It’s delightful spending time with the flock of hardworking, prolific-laying hybrids, and the adorable if somewhat unproductive Audrey and Mabel – who free-range round the garden, perambulating wing-to-wing like Austen characters taking a turn about a room – but surprisingly the best poultry activity this week has not been at home.

In fact, the main source of excitement hasn’t even been in the country but in the City of London at the Pop-up Farm outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday. The Country Living team were there to promote our Keep Britain Farming campaign, strategically positioned beside the pens full of animals from Surrey Docks City Farm, including several chickens, turkeys and geese, along with four sheep and one goat. Despite the cold, most passers by spared some time to look at the miniature farmyard, placed somewhat incongruously by the cathedral. The day was organised by CL’s Charity of the Year, the Addington Fund to encourage people to think about the farms behind their food – and the response was wonderful: from toddlers to tourists. Keep an eye on for more details and pictures later today.


Audrey (right) and Mabel taking a turn about the lawn

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