Khaki eggs and new recruits

Mabel's first egg of the season
Mabel’s first egg of the season

Hurrah! At last, it’s a full house when it comes to laying. Little Araucana Mabel has joined forces with her sister Audrey and is now producing her exquisite pale khaki eggs, every other day. I know you’re not supposed to have your favourites, but both James and I are rather partial to these sweet little offerings. Their shells are stunning, of course, and the yolks are huge compared with the white. I had one – poached, naturally – for my tea last night. Well-worth the six-month wait.

Another lovely occurrence this week was seeing the girls before we headed out to work. It’s now light at 6am so when we open the pop-hole to let them out they emerge to greet us rather than staying in the warmth of their coop until long after we’ve left home.

Audrey greets me with her lovely chirruping tones
Audrey greets me with her lovely chirruping tones

Regarding new recruits, I’m hoping to hear back from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust about Ixworth chickens (James is keen to start a table-and-laying flock) and my search for Marsh Daisy hen is proving tricky. Fellow blogger Nessa got in touch this week to say that she keeps the delightfully named Scots Dumpy. Here is a list: Ancona, Andalusian, Australorp, British Faverolles, Brussbar, Buff Orpington, Campine, Cochin, Cream Legbar, Croad Langshan, Derbyshire Redcap, Dorking, Hamburgh, Indian Game, Ixworth, Legbar, Leghorn, Malay, Marsh Daisy, Minorca, Modern Game, Modern Langshan, Nankin, Norfolk Grey, North Holland Blue, Old English Game, Old English, Pheasant Fowl, Orpington (non Buff), Rhodebar, Rosecomb, Rumpless Game, Scots Dumpy, Scots Grey, Sebright, Spanish, Sultan, Sussex and Welbar. Take your pick!

Felt rather sorry for the hybrid flock at the weekend - just when they thought winter was on its way out...
I must also pay tribute to our wonderful hybrid flock. Felt sorry for them at the weekend – just when they thought winter was on its way out…

2 thoughts on “Khaki eggs and new recruits

  1. I have an Ancona hen and she is wonderful! A very bright and active bird but a very good layer and incredibly beautiful. Cream legbars are also a firm favourite along with leghorns and campines. I look forward to seeing which breeds you pick!

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