Cold comfort coop


The theme of the week has been keeping warm – both for our feathered flock and us! We discovered that the wind had torn through some of the clear plastic sheeting (actually, just a value shower curtain from B&Q!) we’d used on the coop over the chickenwire at the top to give the hens more protection from the elements. James had fixed it onto the wooden uprights with drawing pins, so we reattached it at the weekend using our fence stapler to secure it and this worked a treat. The screen gives the girls a bit more shelter – they might be tough old birds but I imagine they’re just as tired of the incessant cold as us humans.


Once the insulation was secured, we scattered plenty of corn inside so the hens came into the relative warmth of their undercover run and could enjoy a treat. This gave us a chance to check on them, too, as recently it’s been a case of jogging down to the henhouse to let them out and top up their drinkers and guiltily dashing straight back inside, but in the newly repaired shelter we hung out with them for a while and observed them to make sure they were all in fine fettle and, thankfully, they were. Over the coming long weekend, it’s our own home’s turn for some DIY as we’re tackling redecorating the bathroom (which wasn’t finished the first time around!) – fuelled by lashings of chocolate and some splendid, very special Easter eggs for breakfast, laid by our lovely hens, of course.

Happy Easter, henkeepers!

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