The hens are on strike

After reaching the giddy heights of a dozen eggs from our 13-strong flock of hybrids several days running, we were almost taking it for granted that we and our small band of customers would have an abundant supply from now until autumn. Winter’s short days and freezing weather combine to result in a low yield – sometimes we collect just a couple of eggs a day during this time. There’s a gradual increase of activity come the last week of March and from then until October we can expect around 60 a week. And so, just a few days ago there were ten or 11 to collect. Last night, though, we had just five offerings in the nesting box. Is this a protest against the extreme cold they’re forced to work in despite it being April? One of those eggs was so freakishly big it wouldn’t fit in even the ‘Extra Large’ boxes in our extensive collection.

What a whopper! The giant egg dwarfs Mabel's pale khaki number
What a whopper! The giant egg dwarfs Mabel’s pale khaki number

I couldn’t resist cracking it open to see what was inside and, sure enough, it was a double yolker – the contents so voluminous I could have made an omelette with that single egg. Eggstraordinary.

The magnificent double-yolker
The magnificent double-yolker

As a result of our reduced supply, my regular Friday delivery to Chris in our art department comprises four eggs only.

Chris's slightly-smaller-than-usual order
Chris’s slightly-smaller-than-usual order

Lets hope he’s not too disappointed. Is anyone else experiencing low yields due to the cold weather ?


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