Hen party

Well…’party’ might be stretching it a bit, but last Saturday evening, after a busy day of housework and errands, James and I were in need of some downtime so headed off to the chicken run, G&T and beer in hand, to chill out with the gang. The beauty of these long, light evenings is that whether we’re downing the DIY tools or returning home from a day out, there’s still the chance to have some quality poultry time.

The Botanist, a gin made on the Isle of Islay, is featured in the May issue of Country Living (on sale now!) and makes an amazing G&T (which I’ve discovered is lovely with a slice of orange in addition to the regulation lemon)

Despite the fact the sun was setting (making silhouettes out of the willow trees that grow by the River Blackwater at the end of our garden) as we made our way down the lawn, the hens were still out and about…


… And seemed fascinated by James’s glass of beer. We scattered some corn on the ground to give them a bedtime treat.

James and the the flock have a beer together
James and the the flock have a beer together

After half an hour or so in their company, watching them scratch about and entertain us, we felt suitably relaxed for an enjoyable Saturday night in.

4 thoughts on “Hen party

  1. Our flock of six girls (all hybrids, whom we’ve had for two years) have been struggling to lay over the past couple of months. Yesterday morning we let them out only to find that one of them (a silky Speckledy whom we’ve had no longer than 18 months) was very dead in the nest box. She has been on top form: laying well and being feisty and cheeky.
    I’d welcome any thoughts you may have about such a sudden demise. This happened once before to our Bluebell, but she’d always been a poor layer and very nervy, so we weren’t surprised when she died in the night at around 6 months of age.

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