Ten things to love about hens


1 Fresh eggs!

Obviously. The fact that they lay those little beauties still seem miraculous each time we collect them.

2 Their greeting

They’re always happy to see you – it feels good when they rush up towards us when we approach (though I think the handfuls of corn may be the incentive).


3 Soothing effect

Despite their constant activity, mentioned above, they have an unparallelled relaxing effect when you pull up a garden chair and watch them for a while.

4 Nests

They make a round hollow in the straw, which looks so pretty.


5 Strong work ethic

They’re straight out of the pop-hole when you let them out in the morning and you hardly ever see them idle.

Photograph by Cristian Barnett
Photograph by Cristian Barnett

6 Bravery

Happily free-ranging around the plot, they square up to the dogs, drink out of their water bowls and look them straight in the eye.

Megan and the flock
Megan and the flock

7 Curiosity

The flock are interested in everything we do. Often, when we clean out their house, they come in and inspect what we’re up to.


8 Wholeheartedness

They never do things by halves. Whether it’s dustbathing or grazing, it’s always a proper job!

9 Hardiness

Their willingness to go out in all weathers, keeping calm and carrying on, is unparallelled.



10 Silky-soft plumage

I love their beautiful feathers – sometimes I even lift up the lid of the nesting box where the Araucanas sleep to stroke them!


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