Celebrity henhouses

I can’t resist sharing the details of Country Living‘s cracking, chicken-themed charitable project – you read it here first! In collaboration with the RHS, CL has teamed up with business Flyte so Fancy, which hand-crafts beautiful coops in rural Dorset, to commission six celebrities to decorate a henhouse, reflecting their individual personality and style. Among the famous des-res designers involved are Philippa Forrester, Sophie Conran and Kate Humble. Very soon they will each be taking delivery of a wooden Long Legged Hobby Henhouse (below) and putting their stamp on it.

Flyte so Fancy's fabulous Long Legged Hobby Henhouse
Flyte so Fancy’s fabulous Long Legged Hobby Henhouse

You can see the results at RHS Flower Shows Hampton Court and Tatton Park (click here to buy tickets) and bid for your favourite in an online auction (details to come soon), raising money for CL’s Charity of the Year The Addington Fund, which supports British farmers and their families, and the RHS’s Campaign for School Gardening. So if you are browsing for a new chicken property, hold off until late July when a designer henhouse could be yours, plus these worthwhile causes will benefit from your bid. We’ll keep you posted with further details at www.keepbritainfarming.co.uk and why not check out Flyte so Fancy’s Facebook page and Twitter account to see the latest news on their handcrafted coops?

Aside from all that egg-citing activity, the flock at home have been up to their usual antics. If ASBOs could be given to chickens, I reckon our neighbours would have a fairly strong case for slapping one on brown Araucana Mabel, due to her increasingly near-deafening squawking. It’s no so much the clucking having laid an egg, it’s the screeching and bellowing from her run. The more those two free-range around the garden, the more they want to do so and having roamed from Saturday to Thursday last week when I was based at home, she now sees it as her and Audrey’s right to protest loudly at the gate of their run where they are kept safe during the week when both James and I are out at work. Here she is, good as gold, having got her way, drinking from the dog bowl – her and Audrey’s favourite activity.

Similarly, the hybrids at the end of the garden are not simply satisfied with wandering around the half-acre scrubby bit of land, currently quite wild with masses of comfrey, nettles and long grass, and crawling with all kinds of insects for the hens to glean, but look longingly through the gate between this and our lawn. A proverb about the grass being greener springs to mind!

The hybrids are keen to cover some ground
The hybrids are keen to cover some ground

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