Water games


What is it about animals and their drinkers? It’s as if water tastes so much better from each others’ bowls and receptacles than their own. Not only do Araucanas Mabel and Audrey take every opportunity to sip out of the ceramic dish for the dogs, as previously reported on this blog, but I’ve also caught Beau doing the same. When I was at the lovely Baileys store in Bridstow, Herefordshire, at the weekend en route to the Hay Festival (where CL staged two sell-out small business events – click here to read all about it), I decided to buy him a miniature Mason Cash version. Naturally, he isn’t remotely interested and continues to frequent the canine original.

It’s come full circle now with Megan sneaking a slurp from the hens’ drinker. There’s probably a very good reason that I shouldn’t let this continue – perhaps chickens can pass some ailment onto dogs – so I’ll discourage it in future, but I couldn’t resist snapping her in action. Does anyone else have animals that interact like this? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

One thought on “Water games

  1. Looks great fun, Ruth…
    The funniest thing we’ve seen was the day the chickens discovered the garden pond, they couldn’t believe the size of this new ‘drinker’ and gathered around to dip their heads in for a refeshing sup!

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