Nest egg

The title for this blog is a perhaps a little misleading but it’s at least partly money-related… There’s something hugely satisfying about playing shop. Selling our hens’ eggs for £1.50 per half dozen means we acquire a pot of money – or tin in our case – with which to buy their organic layers’ pellets, corn and straw. Towards the end of last week James and I realised we were getting low on supplies, so on Saturday we emptied the tin on the kitchen table and counted up the money! It came to a very pleasing £100-odd, so we took £80, emptied out the boot of the estate and drove off to Upson’s farm shop in nearby Ulting to stock up. Any surplus funds go towards acquiring new point-of-lay birds, once the older birds have stopped laying, and new pieces of equipment (such as the automatic pop-hole opener and the treadle feeder, which we purchased months ago and still haven’t installed!). Out if interest, does anyone else charge less or more?!


Setting store was the theme of the weekend and while that might not sound very seasonal, summer being in full swing, James, thankfully is always thinking ahead and although we’ve just about weaned ourselves off nightly log fires until autumn, he thought to order a couple of loads of wood as it’s cheaper to buy now while there’s less demand for it. So on Saturday our timber merchant delivered 4 cubic metres of hardwood and we spend a couple of hours stacking. It needs to season for a couple of months but hopefully we won’t be needing it before October time!


Audrey (pictured) and Mabel continue to demand their right to roam at will around the garden and we oblige at every opportunity if only to quieten Mabel’s ear-splitting squawking. She’s certainly ruling the roost!


4 thoughts on “Nest egg

  1. We live in rural Devon and charge £1 for half a dozen eggs. I don’t think we’d sell them if we charged £1.50. Although someone down the road has just put theirs up to £1.20!

  2. Great post Ruth, I was thinking about firewood for autumn just this afternoon…
    I sell my eggs for £2/half dozen and supply a local Organic box scheme that marks them up!
    It’s the variety of colours that make them popular and the hand stamped egg boxes…

    Have a great weekend,


    1. Hi Sara,

      Thanks for the pricing tip – yes, perhaps we’re due for a rise! As you say, customised boxes go down well and it’s something I’ve been meaning to sort out for ages. Perhaps I’ll ask Chris, one of CL’s designers, to come up with a pretty label.

      Really enjoyed your post about the Saddlebacks – gorgeous!


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