Henhouses with the eggs factor

It’s been an exciting week for hens and their homes! The opening day of RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show saw the launch of the Celebrity Henhouses auction, a joint project between the gardening charity and Country Living. We commissioned six celebrities to makeover a coop, kindly supplied by Dorset-based company Flyte so Fancy (flytesofancy.co.uk), and unveiled their fabulous creations on Monday. The sale of each will raise funds for the Addington Fund and The RHS Capaign for School Gardening. Philippa Forrester (below) and Deborah Meaden obliged photographers by posing with their splendid designs and Buff Orpington cockerel Bernard, who enjoyed almost as much stardom as his famous handlers. The Celebrity Henhouses are all on eBay and on display again at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park (24-28 July), the last day of which marks the end if the auction! To view all the designs, click To view all the designs and links to eBay, click here .

Throughout the week at Hampton, Suzie Baldwin of Golden Golden Valley Poultry Poultry and CL’s henkeeping columnist, and her assorted flock of chicken breeds have been there to create a buzz around the display of coops, and include the aforementioned celebrity cockerel Bernard (below left) and Fizz the Polish Frizzle (below right). So if you’re not able to justify a new designer house, but fancy some new birds, check out the wonderful selection at her Surrey farm!



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