Poultry win prizes

For many henkeepers across Essex, last Saturday’s Tendring Hundred Show was the highlight of the year. The Poultry Tent teemed with fine fowl as fanciers from across the county vied for a wide spectrum of certificates, rosettes and gleaming cups. 20130719-070911.jpg Beautifully preened birds were showcased around the marquee in cages like covetable accessories in a boutique – though many lacked any signs telling visitors what kind they were, which was a missed opportunity in my opinion. Despite this oversight, I and fellow viewers could barely resist the temptation to buy a copy of the breeders’ directory so we can order a variety of colourful/bizarre/cute/glamorous- looking chickens in the future. 20130719-072646.jpg There were prizes for the best eggs for particular types, including duck, geese, standard chicken and bantam, both shelled and unshelled. 20130719-072847.jpg

20130719-073002.jpg In terms of prettiness, I think the Sebright breed won first prize for me – its lacy feathers are stunning in both chocolate and black.


20130719-073326.jpg Perhaps one day, we’ll start breeding poultry and be in for a cup or two ourselves. In the meantime, it’s a treat to head along to the annual show and admire other people’s hen-breeding handiwork.


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