Porcine adventures

Gloucestershire Old Spots
Gloucestershire Old Spots

A diversion from my usual poultry theme this week, as James and I have decided that, instead of putting it off until next year as we were planning to for various reasons such as the need to finish renovating our house (the spare room is still ceiling-less and the walls are unplastered!), we will take the piggy plunge and acquire a pair of weaners in the next couple of months. It was when James spoke to his friend Roger who breeds Gloucestershire Old Spots and heard his sow had a litter at the weekend that we couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. When we return from our holiday to Italy in mid-September, the piglets will be around eight to ten weeks, old enough to leave their mum and join us and the hens. And rather than needing to carry out the time-consuming work of putting up boundaries, we’ve discovered that all we need to do is buy some mobile electric fencing and an ark. Not only this, but if we move their pen around the rather wildly overgrown land at the bottom of the garden, they will clear it of nettles and other strongly rooted unwanted plants, meaning that we can eventually re-seed these areas for grass and create new runs for the chickens. Everyone’s a winner!

Gloucestershire Old Spots
Note the leaping piglet at the back!

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