Bacon and eggs

20130809-072543.jpg The hens are laying prolifically at the moment – we’re collecting a good nine or ten eggs every day from our 13-strong flock of hybrids, plus one from Araucanas Audrey and Mabel, so there’s an extra box to sell in the Country Living office today. Friday seems to be the best time to take them – there are some avid bakers in the team who bring out their mixing bowls at the weekend and, of course, lazy Sunday breakfasts beg for super-fresh eggs. James has heard from his pig-breeding friend, too, and one of his Gloucestershire Old Spot sows has had her litter of piglets, two of which we will be collecting once back from holiday in mid-September and bringing back to The Smallholdings. Of course, what we have to remember – hence the title of this blog post – is that they are not going to be pets but will provide us with plenty of fantastic home-grown meat, so James can enjoy his cooked breakfasts with even greater gusto.

20130809-072957.jpg Having said that, we may visit them this weekend and choose our pair. Being just a few days old, they’re going to be impossibly cute, so I think we’ll have to let our guard down temporarily. We’re also looking into types of arks to buy and have read that the wooden ones with an apex like a shed are the best, as corrugated iron becomes too hot in summer and cold in winter. Does anyone out there have some tips on this or any other topic relevant to us prospective pigkeepers? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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