Something to crow about?

20130816-071311.jpg I’m happy to report that Araucana Audrey is back to her full feathery glory this week. Her new plumage is even softer and more white than before and it’s a particular treat to stroke her as she emerges from the pop-hole each morning. I don’t know if this has anything to do with her rejuvenated appearance, but she’s also crowed once or twice, as if in celebration! Now, obviously, this isn’t normal lady chicken behaviour, though I’ve come across it before and read in one of our poultry-keeping books that it has something to do with declaring territory. But I wonder why now? Perhaps another animal (sparrowhawk? New cat in the neighbourhood?) has been in the run…? No matter what the cause, I imagine our neighbours on the henhouse side of the garden are hoping it’s just a passing phase. Does anyone else have crowing hens and are there other theories about why they do this?!

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