Piggy preparations

20130830-184250.jpg Having visited the farm shop to equip ourselves with all the necessary electric fencing and wooden posts we needed last Sunday, James and I spent an hour or so marking out the run for our new charges. Battling through the wildly overgrown piece of land on which they will live, I made a rough rectangle by treading down umbellifers, tall nettles and other assorted plants, and placed stakes in the ground to which I attached garden twine. Meanwhile, James followed using a scythe to fell some of the tougher weeds that defeated the electric strimmer – a triumph for the old ways over modern means – to clear the boundary properly and make putting in the plastic electric fencing sticks that bit easier. These nifty little posts make the whole business so much easier – you can just pop them in the ground with your hand, no mallet required. According to farmer John Upson, owner of our local farm shop, you only need wooden ones at the four corners, knocked deep into the ground, against which to tauten the three lines of wire, which means the whole fencing business is considerably easier than it used to be.
We’re going to visit the piglets on Sunday to introduce ourselves – they’ll be ready for collection around the third week of September. What will Audrey, Mabel and the gang make of the porcine interlopers, I wonder. 20130830-184203.jpg

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