Hen home improvement

There’s something very appealing about miniature DIY projects beyond our own house, on which although mostly renovated there is still plenty to do, including a non-existent ceiling and unplastered walls in the spare room, plus flooring and decoration for the hall, stairs and landing. In contrast, the jobs in the garden and animal shelters are easily achieved in a weekend which is hugely satisfying. And we can use all the odd pieces of wood lying around, so it rarely costs us more than the occasional bolt or hook for the gates. So James and I set to work in creating a run for the new birds that we’ll be picking up tomorrow. The five cobbs aren’t layers but destined for the table, so one or two will be raised for Christmas in particular.

20130927-071721.jpg We already had the old kennel that we converted into a henhouse some years ago, which the Araucanas’ Purple Poultry Palace backs onto, but needed somewhere for them to shelter and an outside space they could stretch their legs in. Somewhat reluctant to create an entirely new set-up for which all the chicken wire would need digging under the earth (we’ve spotted a fox in these parts lately, so there was no question we would skimp on security measures) and posts would need cementing in the ground, we struck on the idea of adapting Audrey and Mabel’s luxuriously large quarters and began dividing it up accordingly.

20130927-072217.jpg Thankfully, James is pretty handy with an electric screwdriver and we both enjoy working these kinds of jobs out. In fact, even the pets get involved, as this picture of Beau, mischievous as ever, illustrates.

We ended up with a very make-do-and-mend but pleasing solution, all ready for our new flock tomorrow. I just hope Audrey and Mabel give their new neighbours a warm welcome.


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