Eccentric hens and pigs on a dig


Is it me or is our white Araucana Audrey looking increasingly eccentric – but still very beautiful, of course – in her old age? Having just completed a second moult this year, which is one too many in my book as I’ve never heard of a chicken shedding more than once a year (what is going on there?!), her plumage isn’t looking quite as full and luxurious as usual (her pantaloon legs haven’t restored themselves yet), so perhaps that is what is giving her that quirky edge.


The two Gloucestershire Old Spot weaners are doing very nicely and have just passed the three-month old mark. We worked out last weekend that we should keep them only until 21 January as, being boars, their meat will taint after that (due to hormones kicking in), which seems like no time away. So, we’re determined to make the most of them; I enjoyed watching them turn over the ground this morning. When they first arrived three weeks ago, we worried that they’d clear the area in a matter of days they were such efficient Rotovators, but thankfully it’s still keeping them out of mischief. They’re turning up all kinds of interesting artefacts, including parts of old farm tools that must have been buried in the ground for years and years. It’s like having our very own Time Team!

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