A wee piggy query


The boys are coming on nicely and there’s no need to even announce breakfast or tea – they shoot out of their ark right up to the gate as soon as we open the latch and they’re up for a stroke and pat whenever we see them. It’s huge fun at the weekend to introduce them to visitors – last Sunday my cousin, her partner and their two young children thoroughly enjoyed feeding them apples and acorns. Our only small concern this week is that one of the boars has started weeing right outside the sty in the mornings before eating. Has anyone else found that their porcine charges do not necessarily keep to their latrines?

Up until now they have upheld the scrupulously clean reputation of their fellow beasts, so we were both aghast when we heard the distinctive tinkling sound of an animal relieving itself and caught him at it with the torch. Given the waterlogged state of the mud due to the rain these past few days, James and I can’t help worrying that it’s going to become a rather unsavoury pool soon and that the pair will start tracking the liquid into their perfectly kept ark. So we’re thinking of moving their feeder and drinker further away – this will hopefully mean that the offending pig will feel the need to run over to his nosh before even thinking about his toilet requirements as his companion will have a headstart otherwise. What do the seasoned pigkeepers  out there reckon – will this work?

Asides from that tiny query, all’s well on the micro-holding front. In fact, I’ve brought in two boxes of eggs to sell at CL HQ for the first time in ages, which should put a smile on my colleagues’ faces.

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