Treasure hunters

The hybrid flock busy themselves all day by scratching around
The hybrid flock busy themselves all day by scratching around

It’s always fascinating to see the hens’ reaction to anything on the ground that glints and catches their beady little eyes. With their perfectly shaped beaks, they dig deep into the soil and unearth all kinds of ‘treasure’, such as prettily armoured beetles, and even old pieces of glass, which we are always surprised to find still littering our plot despite our best efforts to clear it. What has amazed us these past few days, though, is the pigs’ tendency to not only root out interesting artefacts such as old farm tools (which I wrote about the other week; ‘Eccentric hens and pigs on a dig’), but their instinct to take the shiny items and squirrel them away in their ark like treasure.

Rootling around comes naturally to pigs
Rootling around comes naturally to pigs

James discovered a stash, which included this crushed Adnam’s can. What do you think inspires them to do this? And have any other pigkeepers come across this intriguing behaviour in their own herd?

20131115-072754.jpg Our porcine residents are proving to be a complete pleasure – their behaviour is so interesting to observe. Frequently, I have seen them chase each other around their run like dogs, then – all of a sudden – freeze, standing stock-still and then continue to charge about. That, I could watch for hours. This weekend, a little housekeeping is required, as a breeder told me this week that it’s necessary to scoop up their mess from the latrine they created, lest they start using the rest of the boundary. We must finish barb-wiring the bottom of their fence, too, so that their powerful snouts don’t rootle their way out and cause mayhem in the village. Anyone else have smallholding jobs lined up for the weekend?

One thought on “Treasure hunters

  1. Today, whilst the sun shines, I’m going to check that my bees have enough food and then wrap up my Cape Gooseberry plants in bubblewrap to protect them from the frosts….

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