Have you heard about The Pig Idea?


It’s not often that the good life comes to town, but yesterday in Trafalgar Square everyone was talking about pigs and a movement that is sweeping across the capital. So, CL’s chief sub editor Michele and I couldn’t resist heading down during our lunch hour to join in the conversation. Spearheaded by  restaurateur (and former Masterchef Winner) Thomasina Miers, The Pig Idea is aiming to change EU legislation that makes feeding pigs food waste, which has passed through a kitchen, illegal due to fears that it will lead to the outbreak of disease. The argument is that London eateries produce a great deal of nutritious waste that is currently ending up in landfill and if it was properly treated by cooking at a high temperature, it would be safe for these omnivorous animals to consume.


Fellow campaigners include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who demonstrated a recipe for trotters to a fascinated crowd and pledged his support for the campaign, while other visitors queued around the square for the free pork-themed food on offer served up in the pop-up restaurant tents using the meat from pigs raised at Stepney City Farm on a diet of spent brewer’s grains, whey, unsold fruit and vegetables and a tofu byproduct – to prove the movement’s point. Hugh estimated that they had fed around 3,000 people yesterday using just five of the pigs, of which nothing was wasted in the spirit of nose-to-tail cooking and eating. I couldn’t help feeling swayed by The Pig Idea, but I’d be interested to hear from anyone of the opposite persuasion – do let me know. For more about The Pig Idea, click here.

Meanwhile, back on our patch, we continue to enjoy plying our own porcine pair with all kinds of free and foraged food such as acorns, apples and pears. They race towards us whenever we approach in anticipation of the impending snack – reckon they’d beat the Labradors hands down.

Elsewhere, the chickens we are raising for Christmas are enjoying their new extended run, which James finished off the other day. It’s great now that all our animal enclosures are finished and we can now get back to renovating our own house – I know what we’ll be doing this weekend!

The five cobbs we're raising for Christmas
The five cobbs we’re raising for Christmas

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