Animal magic

Eggs are dwindling, as is the way at this time of year. I could just about scrape enough together for CL’s designer Chris’s usual order today. Last night, James and I opened the lid of the nesting box to discover a mere three had been produced by our dozen-strong flock! So just one in four delivered the goods yesterday. Next on our round was the visit to the pigs, which is always enjoyable and I have come to realise why, despite my best efforts, it’s been so easy to become fond of them – they are so dog-like!


The way they charge towards us, practically galloping across the run (their warm and enthusiastic greeting probably down to being peckish rather than an interest in us), echoes the way the two Labradors, in particular, are very excited to see us even if we’ve been out of the room for a matter of seconds. Then there is the sheer pleasure they take in the act of eating and the expression of concentration on their faces – the Labs are also similarly entirely absorbed in their breakfast or tea. In fact, it’s not just me; all three dogs are fascinated by the porcine interlopers that have invaded part of their garden. Amy, the slightly younger and athletically built Lab, can’t stay away and is often found nose-to-nose with one or other of the Old Spots.

She’s probably after their food and there’s an occasional confused bark (perhaps a canine protest: why are they allowed to eat so much?!) but it’s mostly pretty friendly curiosity that prevails.

Amy can't work those two animals out
Amy can’t work those two animals out

One thought on “Animal magic

  1. Three eggs? My, you are lucky!

    I’m not even getting one a day from my 14!

    I started baking the Christmas cake this week and had to stop until our bluebells had laid the final egg for the recipe 😉

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