Fairy eggs

That’s what someone told me these miniature offerings are called when I found one in the nesting box around this time last year. I like the sweet Victorian-like notion that there are other forces at work in the henhouse. This little beauty belongs to one of our White Stars, which are hardworking, if flighty, individuals. We haven’t received as many of their snow-hued eggs as usual over the winter and I guess this tiny one is a fresh attempt for the new year. It resembles that laid by a pullet for the very first time. I’m going to include it as an extra in Chris’s order this morning and see what he makes of it – and makes with it, for that matter. The world’s smallest cooked breakfast, anyone?
We have a new date for the pigs’ dispatch now after visiting our farmer-cum-butcher at the weekend – they’ll be going off on 4 March, which has worked out nicely as it means my young niece and nephew will see them when they visit this Sunday. And with the incubator up and running, we’re all set to receive  the fertile Ixworth eggs that South Yeo East Farm will be sending late next week. In the meantime, James is off on his annual walking trip with his friends (this time along the Kent coast), which means I’m at home from tomorrow to Wednesday with our two Labradors Megan and Amy, German Shepherd Darcy, Bengal cat Beau and the chickens and pigs. Looking forward to spending time in their fine animal company – perhaps I can even talk Araucana Mabel into laying one of her fabulous blue eggs (she should really have started a week ago today). Anyone else’s pure breeds being a tad  tardy on the laying front?

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