Miniature chickens

Chicks up closeIt’s been quite a week on the Smallholdings, with five chicks currently warming themselves, eating crumb, drinking water and dashing around in their brooder and another smaller two in our Blue Peter-style plastic box version, also under a lamp, but still dining on mashed up hard-boiled yolk and white. They are, hopefully, just a little behind their older siblings – I noticed that the pair had also started feathering up, which is a good sign.

Hopefully, in a matter of months, our brood of seven chicks will grow into magnificent Ixworths like this fine specimen

To think that when James hatched them out they looked bedraggled and helpless, lying on the floor of the incubator is incredible – they now seem to be fully functioning miniature Ixworths now. When I had a little time to reflect on the whole process, I thought how lovely it was that the eggs from our flock of hybrids are sustaining the new deliveries in the first few days of their lives – and us, our friends and family, of course! I’m now looking forward to a weekend of chick-watching (among other doing things, of course!).


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