The Full English


The bacon has arrived! One month after we picked up the pork chops, sausages and belly from our two Gloucestershire Old Spots, during which time it has been cured and smoked, the rashers were ready for collection. James declared that we are ‘bacon-rich’ after he picked up the giant box of magnificent-looking packs of streaky and back. There’s enough to sell and we’ll probably be self-sufficient in pork meat for the rest of the year. But the most exciting aspect of collecting the goods was receiving the compliments of the butcher-cum-farm shop owner who processed it for us – she even compared the quality to that of her own pigs. And this made James’s month. I’ve taken two large bagfuls into Country Living HQ for those colleagues who placed orders and today I am heading in with both eggs and bacon! I haven’t organised the breakfast deliveries I dreamed up months ago when we first took on our pair of Old Spots, but all we need is someone to be growing mushrooms and for CL’s Jackie to bake some of her wonderful artisan loaves and we’d be able to offer up a full English.

Our other project – Operation Hatch – is going well. I’m weaning our little chick (in the short video above) and onto more of the chick crumb that his older siblings are devouring at a rapid rate in the hope that he’ll increase in size. In the other brooder, I increasingly wonder if all five of the bigger chicks are cockerels. They’re ferocious eaters and showing signs of extreme competitiveness in the brooder – knocking each other out of the way to get some hard-boiled egg (don’t get me wrong – they may be boisterous, but they’re also incredibly cute). Call me sexist, but I’d say this is more likely to be male behaviour. Any thoughts?

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