My! Haven’t I Grown?

One of the more confident chaps this morning

They’re not even three weeks old yet, but our brood can’t really be called chicks anymore. Look at them! More like gangly, scruffy teenagers than fluffy baby chickens. And, boy, are they boisterous and rapid! As soon as I put my hand in to change their feed or water, they’re pecking at my fingers and perching on my wrist. It’s wonderful to see them so strong and healthy. Our smaller charge is doing well, too. Though still around half the size of the gang of five, she (I’m convinced this one’s a pullet due to her being very gentle!) has feathered up over the past week. I should really have weaned her off boiled egg by now – she has a mix of this and crumb – as chicks need it only in the first 72 hours or so, but she was weak and couldn’t get enough of it in the early days. Despite being on what is, essentially, baby food, she has roughly doubled in size over the past ten days or so.
This weekend, we’ll be preparing new digs for the larger five in a henhouse outside with a warming lamp to keep them cosy – and shut the pop-hole to stop them ranging too freely. In a fortnight or so we can let them into the fully cat-proofed run that’s attached. Then it won’t be long before we  can sex them – I’m hoping there won’t be too many large combs, fancy tail feathers and loud crows developing as I’d like some ladies to add to our laying flock. We’ll be able to introduce the little one when she’s caught them up. In the meantime, she’ll be our Lone Ranger.

I took this on Wednesday and am sure the micro flock have grown since!
I took this on Wednesday and am sure the micro flock have grown since!

One thought on “My! Haven’t I Grown?

  1. I’ve been reading your posts with pleasure! I love farms and everything to do with them. Because of Rhumatoid arthritis and other disabilities I’m unable to have a farm of my own. Thank you for this opportunity to see and read about the inner workings if a farm in GB from here in NH, USA. It’s an unexpected joy for me! It’s lovely!

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