Flying the nest



Our five teenage chicks have now graduated to a grown-up henhouse outside in the garden. The Lone Ranger remains in our dining room but has been promoted to the fledglings’ evacuated brooder. I’m a little concerned that she’ll have some unsociable traits, having lived by herself for around a fortnight now. She’s surprisingly tame, however, even though we don’t handle her (or the others for that matter) as much as we should in order to make them friendly. The other evening, I tentatively placed my hand into the small cage and kept it still for a couple of minutes to get her used to me before gently stroking her super-soft feathers. She stayed perfectly still, which I found quite touching – she’s a sweet little bird. These next few days are just what James and I need to catch up with simple pleasure like this. Enough time to hang out with our four small flocks – the hybrids, the two Araucanas, this little chick and the five fledglings – do the chores and see family (looking forward to a lovely long lunch at Mum’s on Sunday) – what’s not to love about Bank Holiday weekends? Any other henkeepers planning activities on a poultry theme? Whatever you do, have an eggstra HAPPY EASTER!

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