Feathery flirtations

Despite being woken by the early morning calls of our cockerel quartet, neighbours Gloria and Larry presented us with a veritable trugful of their organically grown produce this week – an aubergine so glossy and black, runner beans so sweet, and red onions of such uniform, blemish-free appearance that the vibrant collection looked like it was destined for the village show – not our kitchen. Along with the assurance that we will be finishing the cockerel coop down the end of the garden soon in order to relocate our vocal flock, we presented them with a box of our girls’ finest – as ever, handed over the hedge between our gardens – and they returned the eggbox full of the prettiest tomatoes. James and I love this kind of bartering!

20140801-072633-26793814.jpgMeanwhile, the cockerel culprits have been enjoying the run of the garden, but naturally can’t resist ruffling a few feathers by visiting the girls – Margot and Audrey didn’t quite know what to make of their suitors yesterday.

20140801-072959-26999076.jpgMargot soon made her escape and left her chum and the boys to it.

20140801-073314-27194452.jpg I couldn’t help feeling that Audrey enjoyed the confidence boost – she is moulting furiously and isn’t looking her glamourous self.

20140801-073854-27534248.jpgWe’ve more boys arriving at the Smallholdings tomorrow – this time of the porcine variety. Can barely contain my delight at the prospect of picking up our Oxford Sandy & Black weaners in the morning. At around the same time my friend, CL colleague and fellow East Anglian Jackie is collecting her first clutch of hens. Almost too much eggcitement for one office to handle!


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