Pigs, camera, action!

IMG_3991-0At various times over the past few weeks I’ve patiently snapped away and have consistently managed to photograph only two out of three porkers (albeit with rather soft edges) and the other is always a complete blur. Of course, this means I am even more in awe of CL professionals, including Cristian Barnett (he took one of my favourite pictures of all time by lying in a pool of muddy water, below), Rachel Warne, Andrew Montgomery and Brent Darby, who deliver stunning shots of livestock on the challenging farm and smallholding shoots we send them on.

Photo: Cristian Barnett

Video is a handy way of side-stepping the issue – I took a short film this morning of the hungry trio before breakfast. The range of sounds they make is staggering, though not surprisingly they’re at their loudest when feeling particularly peckish.

Talking of noises, the Ixworth cockerels are producing their pleasing, resounding calls from around 5am. Since relocating them at the end of the garden, which borders a swathe of willow land, we can enjoy the distant call without the anxiety that it’s upsetting our neighbours. All the same, we don’t let them out till around 6.30am (hence no action, just sound, in this video) – their voices carry rather well.

They are now a flock of only three because James decided the largest was ready for dispatch last weekend. We’ve raised hubbards and cobbs before but not a lovely rare breed like these chaps – James said it was the best chicken he’s ever tasted and had a really full, traditional flavour. So we may well be touch again with South Yeo Farm East in Devon to order some more more fertile eggs for hatching out. Keen to buy a new incubator, though, as ours proved a little unreliable humidity-wise in the spring – an Araucana breeder suggested we order one by Brinsea, does anyone else have a recommendation, please?

Good weekends all!

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