Bringing home the bacon

20130809-072957.jpgAs much as I miss the presence of the pigs on our plot, there’s still a fair amount of excitement at the Smallholdings on receiving those vast boxes of porcine delights – joints, sausages, tenderloin… James headed to the farm shop-cum-butchers on Saturday morning to load up the car with this sizeable feast. Alison, CL’s Food and Drink Editor, came over with her husband Keith to pick up their half pig’s-worth and seemed delighted with it – arranging the vacuum-packed cuts on our kitchen table and Tweeting the picture below.


I enjoyed playing shop on Monday when I headed up to CL HQ with the vast amount of sausages my colleagues had ordered in tow, temporarily taking over the office fridge. James and I had great fun weighing and pricing them all on Sunday. It seems to fulfil a fundamental human need to produce and sell. Everyone is so appreciative of the fact they can partake in our piggy offerings, which is also rather rewarding. And, at the same time, we are delighted to have our hobby subsidised. Next week, I’ll be delivering the bacon, which we’re collecting tomorrow, though we’ve also one piece of belly that we’ve layered with sea salt and sugar in a box – our first attempt at streaky rashers for home consumption (following Alison’s advice in her fantastic book A Country Cook’s Kitchen).

Perhaps just as pleasing is the fact that our other Araucanas seem to have joined Margot in resuming egg production this week, too. James found a beautiful pale-khaki egg in the large flock’s nesting box, which must be the handiwork of one of our previously non-laying (presumed lazy) black Araucanas (pictured below). And even Audrey, who we thought had retired altogether, has delivered two pale-blue beauties.

So it’s definitely a cooked breakfast for us this Sunday – bring on the homegrown bangers, rashers and eggs.


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