Eggs, eggs, glorious eggs

Production has stepped up tremendously in the nest boxes at the Smallholdings this week. The previously work-shy black Araucanas continue to yield their precious pale-blue offerings, the reliable brown hybrids never fail to impress us with their conscientious, regular deliveries, and both the Ixworths are laying every day. Though, we’ve had words with those two over a bullying incident – James caught them chasing and attacking the White Star (pictured above, far right), a retired lady who, in her prime, knocked out some beautiful snowy-hued numbers. They seemed to have pecked at her very impressive comb, which bled as a consequence. All rather unpleasant, so James isolated the two perpetrators to allow the victim to recover and I’m pleased to report that she’s been scratching about happily in the garden since.To conclude, I’m afraid I can’t resist another shameless plug for the panel sessions I’ll be taking tomorrow at the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington’s Business Design Centre with experts Francine Raymond of The Kitchen Garden and Sara Ward of Hen Corner. They will be ready to answer any questions about keeping chickens and bees at 12pm and again at 2.15pm. The session is free to all Fair visitors. For information about opening times, tickets and what else you can see and do at the Fair, see

Happy weekends all.

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