Audrey’s little adventure

 It was only a matter of time until our white Araucana Audrey made her way into the kitchen. She and Margot have been on a mission to reach the utility room, weaving in between the dogs as they madly run in and out of the back porch, for some time. Their feathers don’t seem remotely ruffled by their canine companions’ activities – they’ve no idea that these animals, who tower over their minuscule forms, could bowl them over at any given moment. Perhaps it’s their steely determination that conquers any fears they may have deep down. Audrey certainly proved her mettle on Wednesday when she took advantage of the fact that James was upstairs in DIY mode and had left the utility room door wide open. Thankfully, the opportunist didn’t make it as far as the sitting room where any droppings she might have left would have proved a distinctly hard-to-remove mess in its rustic woven rug and the charm of finding a hen indoors could perhaps have quickly diminished. 

It’s little events like this lovely old girl’s appearance in our house that make me realise how much I’d miss keeping a few chickens in our garden. The lack of their cheek  – as well as excellent eggs and beautiful appearance – would leave a gaping hole at the Smallholdings that’s for sure. Long live the spirited chicken! 

Happy weekends all. 

2 thoughts on “Audrey’s little adventure

  1. Araucanas are definitely very bold and spirited! I was digging in the garden this afternoon and at one time I had both Hinge and Bracket (white Araucanas) actually ON my fork eating whatever they could before I was even able to lift the clump of flowers out of the ground! I wonder sometimes if it is because they can’t see very well through their feathers and so they just “go boldly” regardless 🙂 Happy days…
    Cheers, Helen

    1. How lovely! Like the names, too. Yes, good point, perhaps their lack of vision is similar to the ignorance is bliss idea. I can’t get enough of these hens, they’re such fun. Though I think the brown hybrids can be very characterful, too.

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