The rooster’s new romance

Since we confined Araucanas Audrey and Mabel to their run in an attempt to gain back our porch (where they spent most of their time and left the majority of their droppings), our cockerel Jeffrey has been pining for their company. From the other side of the chicken wire, he’s crowed and they’ve clucked, while we’ve been feeling rather guilty at causing the separation of this curious love triangle (but enjoying the lack of chicken poo on the soles of our shoes a little more). However, it seems Jeff’s an adaptable fellow and has struck up a new romance with an older woman. It’s our cheeky brown that’s caught the rooster’s eye. Just as he did with Margot and Audrey, Jeff’s been taking a turn around the garden with this lovely old girl over the past week or so, giving her a new lease of life it seems in the process. He’s been crowing even more than usual and at all times of day – declaring his new passion perhaps…? And she’s been showing an interest in our house and even looked as if she was going to take advantage of the open French windows the other day and hop into the kitchen. In all the time we’ve had her, she’s never once attempted to make herself at home. What is it about Jeff’s birds? 

Other little happenings at the Smallholdings this week include picking lashings of tomatoes and courgettes – we enjoy making little dishes out of our modest harvest. I rarely think to rustle up a starter for James and I, but bruschetta before dinner has gone down nicely. 

 Just the thing for James after a day stacking logs ready for autumn. All thoughts of breeding chickens (crossing our Araucanas with Ixworths) have been put on hold until our nine-week old baby Charlie is a little older. This little chick needs all the time I have at the moment. Is anyone plotting some projects for the autumn? Happy weekends all!

One thought on “The rooster’s new romance

  1. Very impressed with your woodpile!
    We bought a couple of beautiful Orpington Pullets yesterday and have ordered our hatching eggs for Spring already….
    Silkies this time 😉

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