About The Garden Farmers

When I’m not writing features for national magazines, I’m hanging out with the hens on my (very small) smallholding in rural Essex (not to mention the Labrador, German Shepherd, Bengal cat and the occasional pigs we raise for meat). With the two Araucana hens we hatched out in 2010 in one chicken coop, a dozen trusty hybrids in another flock down the end of the garden and six young rare-breed Ixworths about to range around the plot, I’ve plenty of poultry company and love nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea while I watch these lovely birds carry on with the important business of scratching about in their runs. Of course, it’s hard to beat collecting a warm, just-laid egg from the nesting box, too…

8 thoughts on “About The Garden Farmers

  1. Hello All, Have i got the right place?. I saw your advert. in the East Anglian?. I am looking to buy Some Bantams (6) Qty. Would you have any.. Regards. Peter Kettle.

  2. My Warren hens have stopped laying after two years. They are heallthy but unproductive. Can anyone help please?

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